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New Residents
Welcome to the neighborhood, hopefully you will find it as awesome as we do.  Below is some new resident information that you should know.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to let any board member know.
  1. Please review the Deed Restrictions, Bylaws, and Guidelines located on the documents page
  2. Dues are $280 per year payable annually by March 1st.  You will receive an invoice with payment instructions
  3. Boat Launch - To get a key card for the boat launch ramp Go to the KHA click on marina on the left side of the page click on BOAT LAUNCH GATE KEY CARD
  4. Marina Wait List - You need to (We recommend doing this even if you never plan on using the Marina because the wait list can be long minimum 7-9 years, and if your name comes up you can always pass) click on marina on the left side of the page then click on marina wait list copy & request to be added and fill out information
  5. Beach Access - The beach is staffed from Memorial Day through Labor Day and during this time to gain access you need to show what we call a beach tag.  The beach tags are passed out each year and all you have to do is stop by the beach, fill out a form and pick up your tags.  We do ask that you try and do this the 1st week the beach is open as it is additional work for the staff.
  6. Beach Reservations - If you are planning on having a party (20 or more guest) we require a beach reservation.  We start taking beach reservations March 1st and the process is pretty simple, download beach reservation form from the website and return along with a deposit check to the beach staff if the beach is open or the beach chairperson if it is prior to the beach opening.
  7. Facebook - search for Keatington Homeowners Association - the website is the official place that we put all announcements but Facebook is a valuable resource and a good way to stay in contact with your neighbors.
  8. Keatington Events - We have many awesome events every year i.e. Easter Egg hunt, Fishing Derby, 4th of July Bike Parade, Kids Day (best day every for Kids!!!), Corn Roast (adult beach party), family camp out, and some Fridays in the summer we will have Family movie nights at the beach, check out the upcoming events link to the left.
  9. Hints for responsible homeowners in a lake community can be found on the website under Ecology.
*** all of this is available provided that the association dues are up to date for the year.