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BEACH TAGS REQUIRED TO ENTER KHA BEACH: In order to keep our private beach private. The beach staff has been instructed to enforce the rules that upon entering the beach you are required to  show your beach tag upon signing in. There is a limit of 5 guests per tag.  Parents, please remind your kids of this rule.   If you don't have a beach tag and are not a member or a guest of a member, you will be asked to leave.

Beach manager: 

Here is Information on Swimmers Itch and how to prevent it.

Swimmers Itch.pdf



  • To reserve a party at the beach a reservation form must be filled out, approved and on file.  A deposit in the form of a check  for either $50 or $75 depending on party size must accompany the form (no cash).  Deposit checks will be destroyed and not cashed, if no excessive clean-up or damage occurs.  There are no reservations on holidays, such as July 4th, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Opening Day,  Kids Day, or Corn Roast or any other scheduled Beach event; or as deemed necessary by Beach Manager.
  • To make a reservation, get a form from the beach staff or click below.  Drop off completed form and deposit check with the beach staff.
  • There are two areas that can be reserved for parties: 1) The West end of the beach or 2)  the East end of the beach.    Please see picture below.
  • If your party has more than 75 + guest you are required to bring in a extra "port a potty" at your expense.
  •  If you desire a tent for your reservation, the tent installation cannot cause damage to the sprinkler system or any other beach infrastrucutre.  All expenses regarding tents and any repair needed should a tent cause any damage to any beach property are the obligations of the homeowner making the reservation.
  • Click here for beach reservation form: KHA  Beach Reservation.pdf
  • Click here for beach reservation calendar:  Note this calendar will be populated with the most up to date information as possible, however just because a day is available on the calendar does not guarantee that you will be able to get the date.  If you submit a reservation request you will get  a confirmation email that confirms the date.
  • All beach reservations are to go to the beach staff with your deposit and the form filled out.  No exceptions.  No verbal agreements. 

We are in need of volunteers for kids day.

This is a great way for teens to earn community service time, and a very rewarding experience for adults!  Face painters needed.  Any ideas for kids day will be considered.

Enjoy the the Summer!