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2020 Goose and Aquatic Weed Control
Posted on Apr 6, 2020

Governor Whitmer's COVID April 9, 2020 Executive order does not permit the work required for either our aquatic weed treatment contractor or goose control contractor. Hopefully, sanity will return and the order will be lifted so that we can resume this important lake maintenance work. As you know, we had problems with high E. Coli bacteria levels in the beach area water last summer, it is important that we do everything we can to harass the geese so that they find a better home. Never feed geese or other waterfowl, it makes more poop and encourages the birds to stay. Please pick up pet and goose feces on lawns, driveways and streets before rain or sprinklers wash it into the lake. Please also be sure that no phosphorus-containing fertilizer or chemicals are used where they may wash into the lake. One pound of phosphorus can result in 1000 lbs. of weeds and algae.