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Fishing on Lake Voorheis
This page is going to be dedicated to  fishing on Lake Voorheis. We will be posting pictures of people's catches and other goodies that may interest you . If you have any photos or stories to post, please forward them to one of the board members. Thanks for checking in, and good luck!
Lake Voorheis supports a variety of species of fish that anglers can try their luck in catching. 
Here's a couple of nice catches by one of our neighbors Anthony Ursitti:
Anthony Ursitti Smallie 10-19-18.jpg
Anthony Ursitti Pike 4-13-19.jpg
September 27th 2015 Largest bass I've ever caught Largemouth 9-27-2015.jpg
Send pictures or fishing reports to warren.width@yahoo.com
There has been some concerns that someone has been allowing "friends" access to our lake and these people are taking advantage of this and removing buckets of fish on a daily basis. This activity is unfair to the other homeowners and we are requesting it to stop.If we determine who is lending out their launch pass,we will disable it.
If at any time you observe people taking over the limit catches of fish or undersized fish from any lake: It is YOUR duty to report it to DNR. If it isn't reported to DNR, they don't know to come out and attempt to address the situation. DNR is the only resource that can enforce their laws. You can remain anonymous if you choose.Toll free number 800-292-7800
On the DNR website link below there is link to submit poaching complaints on line. On the top of the main page is a link to contact DNR then click on the Report All Poaching Complaint Form
Take a look at the form on line to see what information is required.
Here is Michigan Fishing Guide for 2022.  /editor_upload/File/Fishing/2022_fishing_guide_Web.pdf
Please note the minimum size limits on commonly caught fish on our lake: Bass 14" Walleye 15" Pike 24"
Here's a link to Michigan DNR information you can purchase your fishing license on line www.michigan.gov/dnr
Keatington Resident Nate Wilson lands HUGE Carp from Lake Voorheis Nate 40lber.JPG
File/imagejpeg_3.jpg   36" Northern Pike Caught July 2012
Big Ole Bass.jpg
Smallie 8-10-2013.JPG
Largemouth 8-10-2013.JPG
Please practice catch and release.
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