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If you need to remove any trees, please fill out the above form and submit it to The Architectural Committee via email or regular mail.  Any tree over 6" in diameter that is being removed, needs to have approval from the Architectural Committee.  

All requests for fences and sheds must use the same forms.  At present, no sheds are allowed and fences are extremely scrutinized on an individual basis.  ( MUST! have approval from the Architectural Committee before installation ).  Please check your deed restrictions concerning fences and sheds.  

Do not park your campers and or boats in the street.  They reduce visibility and cause congestion.  Campers/RV and boats are allowed on driveways during the summer months (May - Oct.).  Boats can be stored in the backyard during the winter. Campers//RV must be removed from the Subdivision when not in preparation for use outside the sub and removed completely during the winter.

 All non-running vehicles need to be out of the driveways and stored inside the garage or moved out of the subdivision.  The township has been made aware of non-running vehicles and has been responding quickly with warnings then fines. 

Please submit your requests for changes to your homes well in advance so that we can get them approved quickly.  That way your project will not be delayed.  All projects will only be approved in accordance with bylaws, deed restrictions, and Architectural Committee guidelines.

Let's all keep Keatington beautiful and looking like a private lake community.