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Deed Restrictions, Documents, Maps
Keatington Homeowners Association: Homes: 559; Incorporated: 11/3/1969
Keatington Subdivision Map - This map shows the individual subdivision numbers in our association.
Other Home Owner Associations & Beaches Map - This map shows all the HOAs that have access to Voorheis Lake. Note that all other associations only have access to Voorheis Lake through the beach and launch at the East end of the lake behind Canterbury Village.
Keatington Subdivision 1:   Homes: 139,   Lot Numbers: 6-145,   Map
Keatington Subdivision 2:   Homes: 102,   Lot Numbers: 146-247,   Map
Keatington Subdivision 3:   Homes: 5,   Lot Numbers: 248-252,   Map
Keatington Subdivision 4:   Homes: 135,   Lot Numbers: 253-387,   Map
Keatington Subdivision 5:   Homes: 119,   Lot Numbers: 388-506,   Map
Keatington Subdivision 7:   Homes: 59,   Lot Numbers: 1-64,   Map