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PLEASE DO NOT POWER LOAD your craft onto the trailer as it destroys the ramp. (Power loading is using your engine to push the boat onto the trailer, instead of wenching it up). You can see the impact with the animation on the website.  Please help us enforce this policy.  Violators may have their boating privileges (key card) revoked.  It will cost of Tens of Thousands of dollars to repair the damage already caused by this practice.  As I explained to one boater last year, if your boat is too big to get on the trailer without power loading, then it is probably too big for the lake.
IMPORTANT DATES: (subject to change based on weather and other conditions)
  • April 15: If you are eligible for a slip rental this year, then you will have received at least one first-class postcard with instructions by this date.  This is the ONLY NOTICE you will receive, so please check your mail carefully.
  • April - Last Sunday: This is the target date to put the launch docks back into the water.  Let's meet at 3pm (for about 1-2 hours).  There are many of other repairs that can be done between now and when the marina opens.  Please contact me if you have a few hours to spare.
  • May 01: All Marina and Shore Slip Rental Agreements and Standby Forms are due.  Forms must include payment, valid copies of current registration, and valid proof of insurance or the slip may be forfeited and re-rented to another.
  • May - Weekend Before Memorial Weekend: Target date for boats allowed into the marina (and shore slips) – Please wait until the all-clear is given via email, in case of ongoing repairs.  There is a chance that planned upgrades to the Marina will put some pressure on this date. More details to follow to renters as we get closer.
  • September - Last Weekend: End of boating season.  Please remove boats by this date.  No more maintenance of the Marina after Labor Day.
  • October 31: Any boats remaining in the marina or on the shoreline are considered to be “abandoned property” and removed at the owner's expense.
  • November - First Sunday: Target date for removing docks from the water.  Let’s meet at 1pm at the beach, Help Needed !

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. Township Ordinances for Voorheis Lake
  2. Rules Enforcement on the Lake
  3. Marina Slip Rental Process (power boats)
  4. Shore Slip Rental Process (kayaks etc)
  5. Electronic Gate Key Card to Launch a Boat
  6. Marina Fees
  7. How long Is The Rental Season?
  8. How long does it take to get a Marina Slip?
  9. What happens if I give up my Slip or Pass on a Chance for a Slip?
  10. How Do I Properly Moor My Boat In A Slip?
  11. How wide are the slips? 
  12. How Big of Boat can I have in the Marina?
  13. How to Request a Change in Slips Location
  14. Empty Slips
  15. Sharing a Slip
  16. Fishing from the Marina Docks
  17. Security at The Marina 
  18. I never heard back on my request
What are some of the Township Ordinances that apply to Voorheis Lake? (not complete)
I saw someone breaking the rules on the lake, what should I do?
  • The KHA Board is not a policing organization.  Your best bet for immediate results is to take direct action yourself by contacting the following authorities. We do not suggest that you personally confront violators for your own safety. Pictures and Movies from cell phones will help in your reporting.
  • Oakland County Sheriff Orion Substation (Moving Violations on the Water)
    • EMERGENCY: 911
    • NON-EMERGENCY: 248-393-0090
    • Marine Division: 248-858-1664
  • Orion Township (Ordinance Violations)
    • (248) 391-0304
  • DNR / MDEQ (Fishing / Pollution)
    • 800-292-7800
How can I get a shore slip for my kayak/rowboat
  • Just complete the reservation form for the shore slip and send it to the address indicated along with a check.   Shore slips are $50 for the season and are limited to small craft (eg Kayaks, Row Boats, Paddle Boats, etc).  Your craft must fit within the assigned space and be completely out of the water when not in use.   There is a limit of 2 small craft per location.  If you require more room, then you can request to rent an additional slip based on availability.
  • PLEASE wait until the official start date to place your boat onshore.
  • PLEASE remove your boat by the end of the season or it will be removed and considered abandoned.
  • (FAQ)
How do I get an electronic gate key card to launch my boat? 
  • One Gate Key Card is issued to each KHA household.  Only 1 free card is granted to each KHA homeowner.   New KHA homeowners can also request a free key if the previous homeowner did not leave it for them.  All other situations (damaged, lost, stolen cards) require a $25 fee for the card to be replaced. 
  • Cards may not be lent out to non-residents
  • Click on this link to request a new or replacement card.
  • (FAQ)
How Long will it take to get a marina slip?
  • The Waitlist is updated about 3 times / year Winter (~Feb), Summer(~Jun), Fall (~Sep)
  • The short version is expect about 7-10 years +/- to wait for a slip. 
  • The longer  version
    • Slips are assigned "for life" as long as a KHA resident lives here, and is personally using the slip, and is in "good standing" and chooses to renew their slip reservation each year. 
  • The Very Long Version
    • Slips are made available based on the seniority on the wait list.  At any given time there are about 75 slips assigned and a further 200+ people on the wait list.   So, if you join the wait list today at #201, in order for you to receive a slip, then one of the 75 slips have to become available  (with a resident moving, giving up the rental, removed for cause, or other reasons), and then the 200 people on the list ahead of you have to "pass" on that 1 available slip.   Then you can be assigned that available slip.   As you might imagine, it is impossible to predict wait times with any accuracy.   Some years we have had 6 slips come available.  Other years we have only had 1 become available.   This may be due to the economy, cost of gas, employment, foreclosures, etc.   On average it has been about 3 slips per year that come available.    For now, the top 80-100 people, tend to pass on taking a slip each year, but they reserve the right to change their mind at any time.
    • We get many contacts each year along the lines of "my neighbor got a slip in 6 years, and I've been waiting 8 years, I want my slip now!" or "my neighbor or real-estate agent told me it only takes 1-3 years". 
    • All slips are assigned only by seniority and nobody is ever jumped ahead of anyone one else.    Because the marina used to have 2 sizes of slips there are a few people that were grandfathered into a larger slip size when the marina was reconfigured in 2012 (there was lower demand for the smaller slips because not many people wanted them).   Now they are all the same size.   This is in line with the practice of "assigning slips for life" and we don't kick people out of the marina just because it was modified.
    • (FAQ)
What happens if I give up my slip or pass on a chance for a slip?
  • If you decide to pass on taking a slip you will be returned to the waitlist and keep your overall seniority.   This means it is likely (but not guaranteed) that you can receive a slip the next time you are ready or shortly thereafter.
  • (FAQ)
How do I properly moor my boat in a slip?
  • There is no perfect answer as it depends upon your boat type, and where the cleats line up with the provided poles.   We have found that using a bungee/stretch rope and crossing the ropes to the cleats on the opposite ends of the boat, does a very good job at keeping tension equal between the poles so that the boat stays centered.   You can find a layout with rough dimensions of each slip and ideas for mooring, here.   Look around at other slips for ideas.
  • (FAQ)
How wide are the slips?
  • We have 1 width of slips “10ft”. This is the distance between the center of each 3 inch pole that divides slips. This means that the beam of your boat can’t be greater than 9 ft 9 inches for a “10ft” slip. This is strictly enforced. 
  • (FAQ)
How big of Boat can I have in the Marina?
  • For "Inside" slips you may not have a boat over 22 feet including any outcroppings. For outside slips you can get away with larger boats. Slips are assigned by Seniority.
  • (FAQ)
Can I change slips in the Marina to a better location?
  • Yes, on the slip rental form there is a place on the form to request a slip move (or size change). Everyone is guaranteed their existing slip from the previous year, but if some people don’t renew, then the empty ones are filled by seniority.  This is the only way to request a change.
  • (FAQ)
I see several empty slips, can I move there or use it?
  • All slips are 100% rented out and only assigned by seniority.   However, they must be used and not left empty for more than 30 contiguous days.   If the KHA renter has special circumstances then they must make arrangements with the marina chair, otherwise their slip may be considered abandoned and re-rented.
  • Slips are audited periodically to make sure they are in use and have the proper boats.
  • Security cameras are used for additional validation.
  • As a favor to you neighbors, please don't rent a slip if you don't intend to actively use it.
  • (FAQ)
Can I share a slip with a neighbor / friend?
  • NO, this is a major violation of the rental agreement. Over the past years we have uncovered and removed several incidents of slip sharing. This has included friends, neighbors, children, and grandchildren all of whom did not actually live in the neighborhood. In each of these cases the rental was revoked.
  • Slips are for the use of current KHA residents only. It is the goal of the association that as many KHA residents can enjoy the privilege as possible. This is not a public marina.  As a courtesy to your neighbors, please don't rent a slip unless you personally plan to actively use it.
  • I get several contacts a year from children of KHA residents who live outside the neighborhood wanting to put a boat in.  This is not the spirit of the marina usage and against marina rules.
  • (FAQ)
How much does the Marina slip cost.
  • KHA Slips currently costs $350. This is for the entire season, and easily 5X to 10X less that you might find at most public marinas.  For reference, I was told that lake Orion is $3500 / year
  • (FAQ)
How long is the season?
  • The rental season is planned to be Memorial to Labor Day. Usually, we try to let people in a little earlier, and stay a little later.
  • Please don’t put your boats into the slip until you are given the all-clear. This is to allow for repairs to the marina in other than 33-degree water.
  • (FAQ)
I requested a new card or contacted someone, but I never heard back.
  • It is my goal, even when traveling to at least respond to all emails within 24 hours.   If you have not heard back on your request then that means I did not receive it.  Make sure your send your emails to the marina chair and not another board member.   Do not assume that because you once told someone you bumped into at the beach or grocery store that the request/complaint ever made it to me.  Email is best, and if necessary an old-fashioned phone call.   I also have a KHA dropbox on my front porch for marina business.   I try to attend to Marina business each weekend in the summer.   Please don't assume I can turn around a request for a new badge in 24 hours.
  • (FAQ)
Fishing from the marina docks
  • Fishing is not allowed from the Marina Docks (or from boats in the Marina) between June and September (The dock rental period).  
  • As of 2015, there is a section of the day docks reserved for fishing.
  • Please do your best to share the docks with everyone.
  • (FAQ)
What about Security at the Marina? 
  • Vandalism and theft can and does occur.  Usually, these are minor pranks (expelling fire extinguishers, etc), but occasionally there have been more severe incidents.  We continue to make security a top priority, but keep in mind the boats are in open water and thus accessible.  KHA Residents are encouraged to remove all effects from boats after each use.  KHA Residents can help by not sharing keys, slips, boats with non-residents (in fact this violates your rental agreement), and reporting suspicious behavior.
  • LOCK YOUR CAR !  Another risk is leaving cars unlocked and wallets and purses in plain sight.  At least once a year there is a report of items being removed from unlocked vehicles and occasionally a smash and grab with a broken window.  It is easy to let your guard down and generally speaking we have a very safe neighborhood, but please hide your valuables so as not to make it a temptation.
  • Additional security has been implemented and by using KHA facilities, KHA residents and guests give implicit permission to be recorded by video surveillance for security and enforcement purposes.  Again, recent enhancements in security will help reduce incidents, but not all incidents can be eliminated.
  • (FAQ)
General Process to Receive a Marina Slip
Slips are filled based on seniority from when you get on the list. Not when you move into the neighborhood. So even if you don’t think you will want a slip, you might change your mind later. It does not cost anything to get on the list.   Please fill out the official request form to be added to the list.  Mentioning that you want to get on the list to a board member in passing won't work.
The Waitlist is updated about 3 times/year Winter (~Feb), Summer(~Jun), Fall (~Sep)
If you can’t be reached you will lose your chance.
People change emails and phone numbers all the time. This is why most of our communication is via first-class mail. 
If a first-class mailing is returned to the sender, then we will assume you have moved and we will remove you from the list.
Mistakes can, and do happen. This is a manual process done by volunteers.
Address any issues immediately. Don’t wait 5 years to inform the marina chair that you were missed from the list. Retroactive additions are almost never approved. There must be hard evidence that you requested to be added to the list, and that you were added to the list. Having a neighbor vouch for you does not count.
Around March and April postcards will be sent out to existing slip holders, everyone who passed the prior year, and then usually the next 10+ people in line.
This is the only formal notification you will receive. Don’t ignore it!
You must complete the renewal form, or standby form, if you want to request a slip for that season, otherwise, we will assume that you want to pass for that season.
Only complete a form if you receive a postcard
If you think that you should have received a postcard but did not, then please check with the Marina chair by April 15th, or you will be passed over for that season.