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Play Structure Campaign
Dear Neighbors,
Our beach is a popular destination for all community members throughout the year. In the summer we all flock to the lake to enjoy the sun, sand, and water.
In the cooler months, parents can be seen shivering while watching their little kids play on the playground. The beach is also one of the amenities that make our neighborhood so desirable thus improving property values. 
Over the last few years, the playground area, specifically the wooden play structure, has become rundown and in need of replacement. The play structure is no longer safe for children and has become an eyesore for anyone visiting the beach. 
Your Keatington Homeowners Association has been working diligently and setting aside funds to develop a plan to replace the dilapidated structure and we are ready to move forward but we cannot do so without the help of the community. 
We have found a replacement structure (see image below) and have put down a $17,000 deposit. This deposit came from the Board saving money specifically for this purpose over the last two years. The estimated delivery for the play structure is the last week in July.  We will owe the balance of the play structure at delivery. We are asking anyone who is willing and able to please make a contribution to help us raise the additional $13,000 needed to pay for the structure as well as the mulch and border pieces to make the area safe. The HOA budget cannot support the full amount so without the commitment of our community we will not be able to make this much-needed improvement. 
Donations can be dropped off at the beach in the dropbox or sent through PayPal.

Scan the QR Code below to donate directly from your Smart Phone.

The image below will be what will be installed at our beach!