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BEACH TAGS REQUIRED TO ENTER KHA BEACH: This is to keep our private beach private. The beach staff is asked to enforce the rule that upon entering the beach you are required to show your beach tag upon signing in. There is a limit of 5 guests per tag. Parents, please remind your kids of this rule. If you don't have a beach tag and are not a member or a guest of a member, you will not be permitted entry to our beach.


Please review all beach rules here at the beginning of each season.

Here is information on Swimmers Itch and how to prevent it: Swimmers Itch
  1. Beach Reservations do not open until March 1, of each year.
    Submit a Beach Reservation (Read the instructions below first)
  2. Check to see if the day you would like to reserve the East side (Day Dock) or West side (Marina) of the beach is available. Note: there is only one reservation for the East and one reservation for the Westside per day. If a day already has “East – last name” and “West –last name” then that day is completely booked.
  3. Click on “Submit a Beach Reservation” located just above where you can select the month on the right side of the page.
  4. Follow the directions and fill in the beach reservation request.  Note submitting the request does not mean that your beach reservation is approved.
  5. Provide a check for the reservation of your event*
    • 11-19 guests; $25.00
    • 20–50 guests; $50.00
    • 50–74 guests; $100.00
    • 75-100 guests; $125.00
    • 101+ must be reviewed with the beach chairman for approval
           *Beach reservation fee is x2 on June 7/last day of school-to accommodate for additional staff required on this traditionally high volume day
  1. Payments
    • Make checks payable to K.H.A., if your event is canceled, a full refund will be issued.
      • Drop check off at the beach in the dropbox on the beach shed.
  2. Once the payment is received we will approve the beach reservation request and you will be notified via email that your request has been approved.  Note reservations are 1st come 1st served, meaning that the first one with a beach reservation request and payment received, will be the one who ends up with an approved beach reservation.


  • Events can be scheduled between the hours of 10:00 AM and 8:00 PM.
  • Reservations are required for parties of 11 or more people
  • The middle area of the beach will remain open for general use.
  • There are no reservations on holiday weekends, such as July 4th, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Opening Day,  Kids Day, or Corn Roast or any other scheduled Beach event; or as deemed necessary by Beach Committee & Staff.
  • All beach rules must be followed at all times by residents and guests.  The beach rules are posted on the information sign at the beach and at the top of this page.
  • There are two areas that can be reserved for parties: 1) The West end of the beach or 2) the East end of the beach. Please see the picture below.
  • If your party has more than 75 + guests you are required to bring in an extra "port-a-potty" at your expense.
  • Tents must be removed by 10:00 AM the morning after your party.
  • If you desire a tent for your reservation, the tent installation cannot cause damage to the sprinkler system or any other beach infrastructure.  All expenses regarding tents and any repair needed should a tent cause any damage to any beach property are the obligations of the homeowner making the reservation.
  • Please remind your guest’s that we do not provide lifeguards.
  • Please keep an eye on the little ones.
  • Please tell your guests No Glass Containers are allowed.
  • No dogs are permitted.
  • By submitting a Beach Reservation Request you are agreeing to the terms listed above.

Beach Staff Hiring (2024)

New Hire Documents for Payroll
  • New Hire Payroll Form - Fill out this form in Adobe Acrobat and email it back to the Beach Chairman. Ask your parents for assistance with withholding information.
  • Direct Deposit Form - Fill out this form in Adobe Acrobat if you would like to be paid via Direct Deposit.
  • Federal W-4 Form - This is a worksheet if needed to assist with withholding questions.
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